Oh My Asian Thighs – Submitted by AlyInGA

Aly in GA submitted this recipe for us to make in tandem, but Nance was pretty much over the Asian recipes, and so I said I’d do it. Y’all know how much I love that soy sauce!

The original recipe came from The One-Armed Cook. Aly reports that she makes this recipe at least twice a month during soccer season. She also says:

I renamed my take on it “Oh My Asian Thighs (and Breasts)!!” because that’s what my husband said the first time he tasted this dish. 

*Disclaimer: “The One-Armed Cook” is all about the shortcuts – frozen pre-chopped onions and peppers, bottled minced garlic, bagged and pre-cut veggies …basically everything to make a new Mom’s life easier when trying to get dinner on the table, while balancing a baby on your hip (metaphorically speaking, or not.) Therefore, if you WANT to harvest, wash, peel, cut, and mince garlic out of your own garden – go for it! Me, I’m going to reach in my fridge and grab the jar of already-did-that-for-you stuff!

Yes. Yes, we did JUST make an Asian chicken recipe a few short weeks ago in the form of Crock Pot Honey Sesame Chicken, but shaddup. This one looked easier, and you KNOW how I am. The easier, the better! And everything in this recipe is stuff I already had on hand, so I didn’t have to go out and buy anything. I love it on the rare occasion that that happens!

Your ingredients:

AsianTHighs (1)

Boneless, skinless chicken thighs, low-sodium soy sauce, brown sugar, garlic, and tomato sauce.

Let me just say here that Aly uses a pack of boneless, skinless chicken thighs AND a pack of boneless, skinless breasts. I have sworn to never ever put another boneless, skinless chicken breast in my crockpot and you cannot make me do it, Aly! So I just used the thighs. The more adventurous of you out there may certainly give it a try with the breasts, with my blessing.

Put your chicken in the crock pot.

AsianTHighs (2)

I counted out 12 thighs so that we could get several meals out of it, and they fit perfectly in the bottom of the crock pot.

Mix the rest of your ingredients together (I used a measuring cup to make pouring easier), and then pour it over your chicken.

AsianTHighs (4)

AsianTHighs (5)

Cover and cook on low for 5 hours.

I served mine over rice.

AsianTHighs (6)

The verdict? It was pretty good! And you certainly can’t beat the ease. We ate it for dinner three nights in a row, and enjoyed it.

But to be honest, I prefer the Crock Pot Honey Sesame Chicken and will probably opt for that over this one – unless I need an easy meal and don’t want to go to the grocery store!

Thanks for the submission, Aly – it was very little work to get three meals worth of food for each of us, and that’s nothing to shake a stick at!

Oh My Asian Thighs - Submitted by AlyInGA
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Original Source/Author:
: Entree
Cuisine: Asian!
Serves: 12
  • 1 pkg boneless, skinless chicken thighs
  • 1 pkg boneless, skinless chicken breasts (or a second pkg of thighs)
  • 10 oz bottle low-sodium soy sauce
  • ⅔ c. brown sugar
  • 1 T bottle chopped garlic
  • 16 oz tomato sauce
  1. In the bottom of a 3.5 quart or larger crock pot, place your chicken.
  2. Mix together the rest of your ingredients and dump over the chicken, then stir the chicken pieces to make sure they're all coated.
  3. (Alternately, you could mix together everything but the chicken in the bottom of the crock pot and then add the chicken and stir to coat. Whatever works for you!)
  4. Cover and cook on low for 5 hours.
  5. Serve over rice.



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  1. Oh, Good Lord. You have a serious problem, Robyn! I’m going to have to start forcing you to branch out from your Asian fling. Next month: German! December: Italian!

    We can get you through this. WE CAN.

      • and and and… (so much to say today) You’ve never had German?! Schnitzel? Sauerkraut? bratwurst? German Chocolate Cake? (come on now – you have to have tried that one!)

      • But is German Chocolate Cake REALLY German, or is it like French Fries, which aren’t really French?

        And hell yes, I’ve had (and love) German Chocolate Cake! And sauerkraut, too, for that matter (but not with the cake. 🙂 )

      • There are sauerkraut festivals where everything is made with sauerkraut. Even the cakes and fudge. Admittedly, I’ve never had any of it but they (whoever they are) say that you can’t taste the sauerkraut.

      • For Jackie below – My Mom has a recipe for sauerkraut cookies (chocolate)that are amazing. No one has ever guessed they have sauerkraut – if they notice the strands they think it’s coconut. The sauerkraut is drained (and rinsed, I think) before adding it. By the way – Mom, if you’re reading this, time to make them again.

      • Strudel! Strudel! STRUDEL!!!!!!!!!! After living in Germany for three years, I would seriously fly back for a 1 hour layover in which I could eat authentic apple strudel.

        Also… schnitzel, black forest cake, wurst, and the best split pea soup ever.

      • I have to admit – I’d pay money to watch you (Nance) make and taste one of these. 🙂

        Seriously – you ought to get Rick to film you making one of the recipes one week and put it on YouTube.

      • Sherry,
        How very rude because I know that you are implying that I would curse continuously for hours on end! Can you imagine all of those uptight people on the Internet that would be after my ass all because you thought it was funny to make me cook and eat some kind of food made with donkey turds or some shit? NOPE.

        PS Uptight people: donkey turds was a joke. SHUT-IT, I was making a funny. I cannot help that you have no sense of humor.

    • But what about November? November needs a special cuisine! You are discriminating against November and I won’t stand for it.

      Signed, the kid with a November birthday who keeps getting screwed because the weather sucks and no one cares about anything but Christmas.

      • My birthday is three weeks before Christmas. We get hosed. I was once told that turkey and pumpkin pie was the official cuisine of my birthday. Leftovers? Well, at least I don’t have to cook them. 😉

      • Um, Thanksgiving recipes in November. And just because, it is my birthday month and the begininning of the Season of Elaine, just in case anyone was interested. The Season of Elaine runs from Thanksgiving, through my birthday and ends with New Year’s Day.

  2. y’all have got me started though – I’ve now got recipes to try from Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Vatican City (HA! isn’t that one a hoot! it’s its own country!), Slovakia and I could go on! 🙂

    • My son’s social studies teacher once assigned the class to make a snack or dessert from the country their most recent report was on and bring it to class to share. My kid’s report was on Estonia. Finding an Estonian snack or dessert recipe that didn’t heavily involve alcohol was a bit of a challenge.

      For the record, he made a brilliantly delicious apple cake. We’re not really sure if Estonians eat apple cake, but we’re good at bluffing.

  3. Don’t let them get to you Robyn – I love your affinity for Asian food! It tends to be healthy, EASY & tasty! And I am in full agreement with you on the banning of chicken breasts from the crock pot.

  4. How about Polish dishes? Lets see some halupki, halushki or pierogies! Lol 🙂 This does look really good, I’m gonna have to try it.

  5. I vote Italian. I’d love to see Robyn and Nance make a pizza : )
    Oh, and German chocolate cake gets it’s name from the brand of chocolate- there was a contest put on by ‘Baker’s Chocolate’ using German’s chocolate bar. Way back in time. I don’t know when. maybe when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Can dinosaurs eat German chocolate cake? LOL. I digress.
    Ok, here’s a link if anyone is interested in how it got the name…

  6. Gezzy-peasy, Nance & Wheezy! I didn’t expect y’all to make this recipe so SOON after the Crockpot Honey Sesame Chicken (which I also made for my guys, and they LURVED it.) Hell, I’m just happy ONE of you made it. Don’t blame you for backing out, Nance. Maybe one day you’ll give it a try.

    Glad you and Fred liked it, Robyn…. er, Wheezy. How are you about coconut? I have a dessert recipe that uses a blender, and makes its own crust (from the same cookbook.)

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