Red Onion Marmalade

The name fooled me for years because I just assumed it was some funky jelly and I couldn’t imagine someone putting onion anything on their toast.  And then I had it in a restaurant (it came in a chicken wrap I ordered) and I was blown away.  OMG, so freaking good!  It made such a huge difference in the flavor of my chicken wrap that I was determined to figure out how to make it.  This is when I googled the living shit out of it and spent endless hours reading about all the different ways people make it.

This is my version and we eat it on salads, in wraps and on sandwiches.  Those of you who have had it know exactly what I’m talking about.  Those of you who have never heard of it, really need to trust me on this one.  Onion marmalade, even if you are a hater of onions, can be a real game changer.


This is everything you’ll need to make it. Obviously I was trying to be like Robyn. But I don’t have her fancy hand-drawn masking tape labels, so I’ll probably not do it again. heh.


This is butter. That is melting. If you got to this part, you’re doing it right.


This is what my sliced onions look like. One of these days (very soon) we’re going to feature simple “how to do it” entries. There is a very important reason for this, but we’ll talk about it another time. Right now, I just want to get these damn onions made!


Brown sugar rocks my world, man!


Add Salt & Pepper. Did you notice that my Salt & Pepper grinders came from Aldi’s? They are HANDS DOWN the best salt & pepper grinders I have found. I have used a lot of different ones and it is amazing to me that my favorite is one of the cheapest ones out there.


When they start to look like this I add a little bit of my red wine vinegar.  This helps to deglaze the pan as the onions are cooking down.  Keep adding the red wine vinegar as needed until you use it all.


When they look like this, they’re done.




My favorite salad ever: lettuce, chicken breast, cheese, bacon, onion marmalade and barbecue sauce.


Red Onion Marmalade
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: Condiment/Relish
  • 3 medium red onions, sliced
  • ¼ cup butter
  • ½ cup brown sugar
  • ⅓ cup red wine vinegar
  • Salt & Pepper (to taste)
  1. Melt ¼ cup butter in large skillet over medium heat
  2. Add the onion slices
  3. Sprinkle the brown sugar over the onions
  4. Add Salt & Pepper (to taste)
  5. Stir occasionally. Do not turn the heat up higher. These are meant to cook slowly!
  6. Add the red wine vinegar a little bit at a time (it helps to deglaze pan)
  7. When the onions resemble a deep wine color and look like marmalade (see photo above) they're done.
  8. Can be put on just about anything - salads, sandwiches, etc. Hot or cold.



Red Onion Marmalade — 20 Comments

  1. Yum! This intrigues me. I’ve truthfully not heard of it before (maybe it isn’t a Canadian thing?) but it sound delicious! I think I’ll make it to go with Easter dinner.

  2. you surprised me! Judging just on name alone, I was expecting something akin to jalapeno jelly, only, you know, with onions. But this looks interesting. Definitely going to try it soon. And PS — I use the same salt and pepper grinders, and you’re right- they rock!

    • We use the same S&P shakers because WE rock! And I really thought it was some type of jelly too. I did hear that some people use it on their english muffins, but I can’t get behind that for some reason. It is really good!

  3. This is new to me and looks quite tasty. You also gave me some ideas on how to make liver and onions even more delicious.

    • I have never in my life eaten liver and onions. Blech. I know I need to because they say it’s chock full of iron, but eh, I just cannot do it. I blame my mother for never making it when I was growing up. Maybe had I not known what it was I would have liked it and it wouldn’t have mattered. Yup, all Shirley’s fault. That’s the answer!

  4. I am that idiot cook that needs the onion demonstration because I have avoided dealing with them as much as possible. I hate the smell of them and the way they blind me while doing it. I know people love the smell of frying ones, to me walking past a steak shop in Philly was nasty. I’d hold my breath because the smell reminds me of body odor. I do like some fried onions know with age but I take the lazy way out and use frozen already chopped up ones. If I made this my husband would die of happiness, the man LOVES onions. It sounds good. I need a better knife and is it true you can peel the onions and put them in the fridge and it helps with the not blinding from the awful eye burning thing?

  5. This looks delicious – esp on top of the salad. My mother made us liver and onions as kids and gawd, still hate everything about it. We used to try and choke it down covered in ketchup or mustard or both, but that was an experiment doomed to fail (and I still hate the smell of liver cooking). Now my mom only eats it when we go out – like to Luby’s (cafeteria restaurant) or someplace fancy like that.

  6. This looks great. Do you need to eat it right when it is made or can you put it in a container and keep it for awhile?

    • We put it in a tupperware container and it’s gone in a couple of days so I don’t technically “know” how long it should last. I would guess not longer than a week, just because that’s my rule for everything. 😉

  7. Making this for the second time. I like to make roast beef sliders heated in the oven with mozerella. Take them out and add some blue cheese crumbles and red onion marmalade to the top! Awesome sliders.

  8. Hi there, i LOVE onion marmalade and need to make my own since i go through so much! Just wanted to ask… when you say’These are meant to be cooked slowly’ how long do you mean? 20min, 30min,40min? Sorry I just want to get it right.

    Thanks so much!x

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