Pineapple Angel Food Cake

Recently I was trolling around Pinterest, as I seem to do more and more these days, and I came across a recipe that looked super easy and like it might not be TERRIBLE, and okay – I was hungry. So I printed it out and the next day I went to the grocery store and bought the two – TWO! – ingredients I needed to make it.

I can’t find the original recipe, but I followed the instructions at That’s My Home. I imagine it originally came from Weight Watchers, but the recipe on the WW site calls for powdered pudding mix and Cool Whip, neither of which I used.

(As an aside, several years ago Fred used to hang out on a weight loss forum where women regularly traded recipes, many of them Weight Watchers recipes. He snarks that every Weight Watchers recipe starts with a can of pumpkin and a cake mix. Ha.)

The ingredients:


An Angel Food Cake mix (it doesn’t have to be Duncan Hines, it can be any brand) and a 20-ounce can of crushed pineapple. That’s ALL. You don’t need eggs or oil or any of that stuff – just the mix and the pineapple. Please note: you MUST use the angel food cake mix that is a single packet. There’s apparently an angel food cake mix out there that has two packets you mix together. That WILL NOT WORK for this recipe. You should be able to tell whether there’s one packet or two by checking the directions on the back. Thanks go to Tina, who gave me the heads up on that little fact!


Awww, Inspector Magoo! Obviously I made this cake and took these pictures before they went off to Petsmart.


Nosy little brat, isn’t he?

The instructions:


Empty the mix into a bowl, add the can of pineapple (DO NOT drain it first!), and stir until it’s mixed. You could use an electric mixer; I just stirred it by hand.

Pour it into a 9×13 pan (the instructions didn’t say whether to grease the pan first; I used Baker’s Joy, just to be safe, because I hate it so when cake sticks to the pan. Drives me NUTS.)


You can see that the batter got all fizzy once it combined with the liquid in the can of fruit. I made sure to preheat the oven before I started mixing the batter, so that the cake could go straight into the oven.

Bake the cake in accordance with the instructions on the back of the box.

“Lady! We is STAR. VING!” (Awww, Pickles. I miss these silly little monkeys.)


The cake, done.


Yeah, I have no defense for this picture. Shaddup.

I can tell y’all that Fred absolutely LOVED the pineapple angel food cake. I thought it was okay, but I’m not super crazy about the texture of angel food cake, so I only ate a few pieces. It’s a good cake to have around for when you’re craving something sweet and cakey.

I thought that perhaps the same recipe would be good with other kinds of fruit, so I gave it a try with a can of blueberries. The flavor of the blueberry angel food cake was good, but the cake fell in the middle, perhaps because there was more liquid in the can of blueberries. We ate around the edge and gave the rest to the chickens.


I also tried it with a can of cherries, and no. Just no – the flavor was really weird, and even Fred – who loves the hell out of cherries – wasn’t interested in it. (But the chickens loved it!)

So in closing, if you like angel food cake and you want to have something low-calorie and tasty on hand, this stuff is really good and I suggest you give it a try. It certainly won’t take much time out of your day!

Pineapple Angel Food Cake
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
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: Dessert, Snack
  • 1 package angel food cake mix - the one with a single bag of mix, NOT the one with two bags that you mix together. The one with two bags WILL NOT WORK.
  • 1 can crushed pineapple -- 20 Ounce Can
  1. Combine angel food cake mix and (undrained) crushed pineapple in large bowl.
  2. Mix (you can use a mixer, but it's pretty easy to mix by hand.)
  3. Bake according to instructions on the back of the box.



Pineapple Angel Food Cake — 67 Comments

    • To make a “dump cake” you spread 1 can crushed pineapple into a 9 x 13 cake pan. On top of that spread a can of cherry pie filling. Over that,”dump” a package of white or yellow cake mix trying to cover as much as possible. cut a stick of butter or margarine into patties & place on top. You can spread brown sugar and/or chopped nuts on top if in you want to. Bake at 400 for an hour. Really easy & not much to clean up after.

      • I dont think the Dump Cake is Weight Watcher friendly with that stick of butter. I added a handful of shredded coconut to my Pineapple Cake, a 1/2 teasp of Almond extract, and sprinkled some sliced almonds on top. Just to make it interesting! (coconut & nuts probably add a few more calories)

  1. I prefer blueberries to pineapple, but that poor, sad blueberry cake doesn’t look all that appetizing. Having no chickens to give my leftovers to, I’ll try the pineapple (and Connie’s cherry version with Devil’s Food cake). Thank you ladies for easy desserts that I can sneak fruit into 🙂

    And Magooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Has our sweet little rat bat inspector come home yet? 😉

    • If you want a good blueberry cake, I have one. Take a box of yellow cake mix and add 3 eggs and a can of blueberry pie filling. Just stir with a spoon. Pour in a greased bundt pan and bake at 350 til done. I don’t do baking times as ovens are all different. Add a glaze once you take it out of the pan and you are good to go!

    • Try making the Pineapple cake and adding pineapple and blueberries for a spark of color. Blueberries are so good for you and wont add calories.

  2. This is not a recipe any more than “apply cheese to crackers,” or “stir frozen peas into your Kraft mac-n-cheese” would be. Sheesh.

    • Amanda, I won’t provide the definition of a recipe since I assume you can Google that shit up yourself. What I think you’re saying is that the “open box, mix with fruit, bake” type of recipe is not what you’re looking for. In that case, this blog isn’t your sort of thing. Thanks so much for the feedback.

      • Jeez! You tell her, Robyn & Nance! It IS a damn recipe and a super easy one at that! WIN, WIN, WIN for me and I Love the hell out of angel food cake and pineapple. We’e been looking for lower calorie desserts. I will make this one SOON! Thanks, Robyn!

      • LOL! Who does she think she is? Ree Drummond? Love the idea. Wonder if there is a way to make this lemony?

    • Now that is where your terminology fails you. “applying cheese to crackers” and “mixing peas with macaroni” are merely serving suggestions. Either ingredient is edible alone, but pairing them makes nothing intrinsically new. Robyn’s recipe, while simple, creates a new stand-alone dessert. Providing the information along with the instructions makes it a recipe.

      As the harried mother of 3 who does not have time for a 175 step gourmet pineapple cake recipe, I appreciate her taking the time to help me out. I’ll use my extra time to teach my kids not to be unnecessarily snarky to strangers on the internet.

      ((PS— Robyn… if this comment shows up multiple times, please delete the extras. 3 pounds of kitten keeps bouncing across my keyboard. She’s written you several messages in code and disconnected me from the internet twice.))

  3. I tried it last week but it didn’t rise nor did I eat even the entirety of the one piece that I sampled, but my husband devoured the whole cake in about two days (after telling me he really only likes chocolate cake).
    My mistake might have been using a cake mix that had 2009 on the box as its expiry date. It didn’t foam, really.

  4. Just in case Amanda can’t find this “Google” thing you mentioned, allow me:

    rec·i·pe [res-uh-pee]
    a set of instructions for making or preparing something, especially a food dish.

    Hmmm….seems to me that’s what you did here.

  5. Oh also, I made this when I was on Weight Watchers and it was indeed good. There was also a recipe going around that used a can of pumpkin and a tub of cool huuwhip – that stuff was mighty good too but oy, so many chemicals. (DELICIOUS chemicals)

    The one recipe that I still love to this day though is the Stovetop Stuffing muffins. Basically it’s a pound of meat (ground turkey or beef), a box of stuffing and a couple eggs and some water. SOOOOO good.

    • Chemicals are what preserve us, aren’t they? 🙂

      Those Stovetop Stuffing muffins sound good. I love me some Stovetop!!!

  6. Thank you for this recipe. I’m going to definitely try this recipe. I think this recipe sounds amazing. I’m very much looking forward to eating some of this delicious sounding recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ps could someone, Amanda perhaps please give me the recipe for crackers and cheese?

    Thank you 🙂

  7. Good giggles in the air today! I love angelfood cake AND pineapple,
    can’t wait to try this res-uh-pee.

  8. I can’t believe you people. Someone needs to call the police, because apparently a gun is being held to the head of Amanda, forcing her to read this website AND to comment. Doesn’t anyone care!?! Oh, the humanity!

    • I *do* care! I care very much that Robyn let my kids go hungry thing morning because she refused to provide the peanut butter toast recipe.

      How could I be expected to feed them after setting the kitchen on fire? And how was I supposed to know to apply the peanut butter AFTER toasting the bread?

      ((PS– Your comment made me snort out loud. The kitten now thinks there’s something wrong with me))

  9. This is my second visit of the day — many thanks for the solidarity and hilarity, ladies. P.S. Need some serious help on the boiling-water front. Please oblige.

  10. You guys crack me up!

    And Tina, I’m about to fall down that same dark rabbit hole. I love that sort of thing – it makes me feel like less of a failure when I know I’ve got lots of company, heheh.

  11. Hi there, I’m from Australia and I just about pee my pants laughing when I read this site,love your work ladies!, you need a tv show on cable of course so you can say fuck while cooking!,

  12. I think the real travesty hasn’t been discussed. Someone puts PEAS into their Kraft Mac and Cheese?!?!?! Sacrilege!

  13. This is what I miss by reading this via my Google reader :-/ I had to follow the link to Commenter Amanda from the latest post in order to come over here and snort my water all over my laptop screen!

  14. Just made this and we have already eaten half of it!!!! Thank goodness you mentioned the bubbling or I would have had a hissy fit thinking I’d done something wrong!!! Of course now that I’ve read all these notes I have a stomach ache from laughing.

  15. My friend at work made this with key lime pie filling and it was really good.

  16. Omg…. I just made this … so easy and so good… Thank you!!!!

    Amanda thank you for the wonderful recipe on cheese and crackers…. Bahahahaha

  17. Ice this angel food pineapple cake with a mixture of cool whip blended with a box of sugar free instant vanilla pudding. I use a large pudding and add cool whip to taste.

  18. This is a recipe, just like I won a contest on the radio once for a recipe for the perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich. (I had to give instructions for making a pbj from start to finish without hesitating, saying Ummmm or any other pauses, and they kept calling it a recipe. I am about to try this recipe making cupcakes with mandarin oranges, and I’ll let you know how it works out!

  19. Oh, this thread is AWESOME! Thanks for the recipe (trying it this weekend) and the LAUGHS!!!! 🙂

  20. I wonder if using citrus and angel food cake mix would work like pineapple? (For the non pineapple loving people?)

  21. I was looking for this recipe because I saw it in Facebook but then couldn’t find it again. It got foamy when I mixed it and that’s a good sign right? It’s I’m the oven right now. Can’t wait to try it! Enjoyed the snarky comments too, thanks!!!

  22. This sounds yummy bought ingredients today its in the oven can’t wait. And this is a hilarious adventure thanks and Amanda bread on a fork over open flame toasted with homemade jam is the best (Instructions complicated) 🙂