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When it comes to DCEP Robyn said it best, “It’s become another pain in the ass obligation, and I am beyond done with pulling out the camera and taking shitty pictures of food.”

Look, we’re both incredibly busy and keeping up with making regularly scheduled recipes has become a major hassle that we just don’t want to deal with.

So we’re hitting the brakes on DCEP. I’ll eventually put the pierogi recipe up as promised and I may even do more recipes as time permits (it won’t be a step-by-step, but yunz already know how to cook). I will post it all on the DCEP Facebook page when I do.


PS: Robyn and I remain BFFs and our Internet shenanigans are far from over. Don’t slit your wrists over this, Amanda.


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  1. Awww, got-dammit! Y’all are just about the only food/recipe site I bother to look at these days! Even if I have no interest in the actual recipe (and really, based on y’all’s recommendations, there are a precious few that would make the cut), the comments make it well worth the visit.

    Are you going to leave the site up for a while, or do I need to rush and print out the recipes that have been hits? (Why, hellooooo, chicken & dumpling casserole!)

  2. Well I can’t say I don’t totally understand and respect your decision, I can say I’m sorry to hear this. Hopefully one day life will get boring for you again and you both want to start up again.

    Until that mythical day, I shall think whistfully of pizzas and very small arms.

    • Yeah, every time the upload date change it was pretty obvious that real life got in the way. And we’ll be around…like a cricket in the night that won’t shut up.

  3. Sad to see it go down. You two crack me up!!!

    Any other format that would be easier? Perhaps sharing your personal email?? Huh, huh?!? 😉 But seriously, will miss the hilarious adventures of Nance and Robyn!

  4. Aww, now I have a sad. 🙁 I understand, but I’ll miss the recipes and most of all I’ll miss the comments you each said about them!

    • Don’t have a sad. There will be some recipes and I’m sure we’ll both be throwing our opinions around on anything that’s done or said.

      We’re not DEAD. 😀

  5. I was already composing my “you goddamn dirty rats left me in the lurch about the fucking pierogies!” comment/rant when I read the part that pertained to me. GOOD THINKIN’, LINCOLN(S)!
    I love you both and will miss DCEP. sniff.

    • It’s coming, dammit. I need to get some organization done around here. One thing is that nobody really understands how much time having The Beagle takes. Being so old and a probable breeder dog (Kennel living ain’t easy) she is not housebroken. We’re either running with her towards the door or cleaning up pee. And it’s not like we can just take a paper towel and clean it up. Dude, we’re using pee towels and MOPPING. Every.Single.Time. My life is not my own anymore.

  6. Aw, man, I’m going to miss the weekly food snark. Completely understand because, life, but still going to miss it. Thanks for keeping it up as long as you did!

  7. Well, poo. But I completely understand. It’s all fun until you HAVE TO. Maybe you could do a once a year, not on any time frame, bam it’s up and there was no warning, kind of deal every once in a while, lol
    I did just make your chicken dumpling thingie and it was good! But I totally did something wrong with the 7up biscuits because they just tasted like flour, lol!
    Glad you’re going to leave this up because I might have to try something again! 🙂
    Love ya both, hope you have fun doing something else! (And hope that this has nothing to do with Robyn’s recent heart thing, fingers crossed!)

  8. I understand, but oh, I’ll miss laughing like a loon. You ladies are the best! Thanks for all the laughs (priceless) & the good recipes! (But call me a waaa-mbulance & get me an order of French cries in the mean time.)

  9. I will miss the many laughs from reading your recipe experiences! Best laugh I could get sometimes when I was at work on break.

      • While I am very sad about the demise of DCEP, I have a glimmer of hope that nebshit will be back! Good luck with the beagle, it is a lot of work cleaning up after an incontinent dog. I nursed my dog when she was very ill, and I couldn’t bring myself to use the doggy diapers, so I did a lot of laundry, and cleaning of pee.

  10. While I do understand, I’m sad….

    I just made the ranch crockpot porkchops for my Mom and she LOVES them and we’ve gotten several other really good recipes from y’all.

    Still, you started this because it would be fun and if it isn’t anymore, then you need to do what you need to do.

    But, I’m still sad…

    • I will still pass on any decent recipes I come across. This just won’t be a regular food-blog. Regular, as in step-by-step photos and a regular schedule.

  11. But what about Chefan and Felina? Did you even ASK them?

    Geeze. ONE little heart flare-up and everything turns to shit around here!

    • The Heart Flare-up wasn’t the cause of this – food-blogging (even once a week) is a huge pain in the ass. Life got in the way. And I don’t know about Chefan, but Felina was wanting to be paid for her photos and fuck that noise! 😀

  12. Well, this just sucks with a topping of sad and a side of boo-hoo! Ima miss you ladies and your hysterical take on the never-ending, thankless task of cooking to keep the people around you alive.

    Maybe, just maybe in the not-too-distant future, you can find a moment or two to throw a bone (or a recipe) to your many, many rabid followers. Until then–smell ya around! XO

  13. The heart flare-up from last week was NOT a determining factor in this, I promise – we’d been discussing it before that even happened.

    And I’m sorry you guys are saaaaaad, but like Nance said, we ain’t dead yet. 🙂

    PS: Rumor has it that Felina is going to NYC to be a supermodel. Those bitches better watch OUT.

    • She only said “rumor has it” because she doesn’t want to admit that she’s trying to become Felina’s manager. I just refuse to let Robyn take 50% as a cut. DAMN.

  14. Waaahhhh!!!!! I, too, will miss the snark and bitchyness, not to mention the recipes. At least I got my 5 seconds of fame, though the hamburger stroganoff got mixed reviews! 🙂

    So you will throw us an occassional bone? Better yet, if something really funny/good/shitty happens in either kitchen, please share it with us (no pictures necessary!) so we can laugh/smile/bitch along with you! 🙂

  15. will be here waiting for the infrequent, unscheduled, surprise posts. And as a blogger who can’t even manage to post once a month, I totally understand! But you know, I’m sure Amanda would have been happy to step in and show us how it’s REALLY done in your absence……. just sayin’!

  16. Well darn it all !!!! How will I deal with the withdrawal symptoms ?
    I totally understand how LIFE can really get in the way of LIFE. I will just have to watch facebook for the hilarious banter and comments. Don’t forget about your loyal fans 🙂

  17. I’ll be sad, only because I adore this blog… but I hear you on not having enough time. I haven’t found the time in the last several years to update my blog on the regular, let alone manage another one! I’ll be happy with the infrequent surprise posts… thanks for not letting this go completely! <3

  18. Awwww Man. Dudes – I totally get that it was a freakin’ pain, but again I say – Awwwwww man. 🙁 Respect the decision though and I’m hoping for any and all recipes that you guys throw out here. No pics (or just one or two maybe of finished product so we have a concept of what it’s supposed to (or not supposed to as the case may be!) look like) cause I can only imagine how freakin’ hard that is and how long it must take you to do a simple recipe when you have to take pictures! Although – I’m available for hire to be the photographer and transcriptionist! I’m closer to Robyn’s kitchen than yours Nance…. But wouldn’t that be a hoot! I could come shoot the whole deal and tape the comments and then transcribe them as your post. Hee! Oh well. you’re not dead and we know how to find you (kinda sorta.) 🙂

  19. okay how about this….we sign up to do the recipe making and picture taking, you draw 2 names and a recipe and they have to do it, email it to you and you put it up on the site and have the fun of making fun of the recipe and the pictures etc. I’d sign up for that!

  20. Huge thanks for all the fun. You two are the very bestest (which, incidentally, Autocorrect tried to turn into “best eat”).

  21. Will miss the hell out of the food snarkiness but I do understand. If it ain’t fun, it ain’t fun. Would love to see Nebshit back. To quote other commenters I would read anything you two put , you are both my kind of funny.

    • I have a sneaky feeling that this site isn’t going to die no matter how much we try to kill it. Pierogies have to wait until I get some other things done first. 😉

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