Easy Peach Cobbler – Nance and Robyn make the same recipe

Every week we’ll post a recipe that we both made. This week’s recipe was Easy Peach Cobbler. Printable recipe can be found at the bottom of this post.  The original recipe can be found over at MyRecipes.com.

Robyn’s Take:

This week’s recipe was submitted by Elaine. We actually had a different recipe slated for this week, but Elaine happened to submit it at just the right time – peaches are everywhere you look right now – so we opted to kick the other recipe to a later date.

I’d love to tell you that we used peaches from our own trees, except that we are TERRIBLE when it comes to growing fruit, so we didn’t get any peaches this year. That’s okay, though – we have a farmer’s market a 10 minute drive from home, so we went there to buy some locally-grown, super-fresh peaches. (If all our fruit trees ever start producing fruit all at once, we will be SO screwed. We have a zillion fruit trees – apples, peaches, plums, pears – and just bought two fig trees over the weekend. We also have grape vines growing around our back yard fence, and Fred should be harvesting Muscadines (wild grapes that grow here in Alabama; don’t feel bad if you’ve never heard of them, I hadn’t either before I moved here) soon, which is the one fruit we CAN seem to grow. We’ll probably get 20 pounds of Muscadines and guess what you make from Muscadines? Muscadine jelly or Muscadine wine. Neither of us drink more than once in a blue moon so guess who gets to can up 7,000 jars of Muscadine jelly? It ain’t Fred, I can tell you THAT.)

Oh, excuse me for a moment while I tell Fred that he needs to take those catfish he just caught and cleaned and stuff them up his ass. Okay, done.

(Don’t you even start with me on the “At least he cleans them!” because there is ONE OF US who loves catfish and fishing and THE OTHER OF US who loves seafood and is not so crazy about catfish. I leave it to you to guess who’s who. If I could have a shrimp pond out there in the back forty, I’d GROW them, I’d CATCH them, I’d CLEAN them, and then I would COOK them, and I would do so happily. So you’re goddamn right he cleans the catfish because I’M NOT GONNA. I’m pretty sure I’m the one who deserves the medal, here, because I’m the one who cooks the damn stuff.)

ANYway. Where was I? Oh, right. Peach cobbler!

Your ingredients:

Cobbler (1)

Butter, flour, sugar, baking powder, salt milk, peaches (duh), lemon juice, and cinnamon (you could use nutmeg if you’re so inclined. I prefer cinnamon.)

Melt your butter in a 13×9 inch baking dish. I don’t know if this is how you’re supposed to do it or not, but I put the butter in the baking dish, and stuck it in the oven, which was preheating.

Cobbler (2)

While it was melting, I sliced up my peaches. You need four cups of peaches, and I thought that three of the baseball-sized peaches would give me about four cups. And I was right.

Cobbler (3)
Aren’t they pretty? These are Freestone peaches, by the way. Not that I’d know if they were some other kind of peach, but the farm stand had a sign up that announced that they’re Freestones, so I’m passing the knowledge along. YOU’RE WELCOME.

The butter (in the baking dish in the oven) had melted at this point, so I combined the flour, sugar, baking powder and salt, then stirred in the milk just ’til everything was moistened, and poured it over the butter.

Cobbler (4)

Cobbler (6)

This is the point where I was all “Oh, Elaine. WHAT have you gotten me into? Is it supposed to partially cook like that when it hits the hot butter? Have I fucked this up?”

To my dismay, Elaine did not pop up in front of me like my fairy godmother to reassure me that all would be fine. What the hell, Elaine?!

I tossed the sliced peaches, the rest of the sugar, and lemon juice into a pot. I was supposed to turn it on high heat, but apparently have no idea what “high heat” means (so conFUSING), and turned it on low. I stirred and stirred and waited for it to come to a boil, and it didn’t… and didn’t… and then I realized that I am an idiot. Once I turned the heat up to high, it boiled in less than two minutes.

Cobbler (7)

Cobbler (9)

Meanwhile, Inspector Brandon came up for a sniff around.

Cobbler (8)

Once the peaches/sugar/lemon juice was boiling, I dumped it over the top of the other stuff in the baking dish.

Cobbler (10)

I wished, as soon as I’d done it, that I hadn’t just dumped it all in the middle of the baking dish. But I was afraid to spread the peaches out, because the recipe is VERY stern about not stirring anything together, and so I was afraid that I’d mess it up, and so I left it all piled in the middle like that.

I put it in the oven, whereupon Brandon and his brother Jon Snow watched carefully to let me know when it was done.

Cobbler (11)
“Is it done yet?”

Cobbler (12)
“Doesn’t it smell done? It smells done, right? Should we tell her it’s done?”

Cobbler (13)
“Lady, it’s DONE. You better take it out now!”

I realize now that I forgot to take a picture after I sprinkled cinnamon on top before I put it in the oven, but this is what it looked like when it was done. You see that there’s plenty of cinnamon there.

Cobbler (14)

Cobbler (15)

The verdict? A++, will make again! Fred gave it two thumbs up, too. And, hey – I’ve got another three peaches in the fridge. I wouldn’t want ’em to go to waste!

Great submission, Elaine. Thank you!


Have a recipe you want us to make? Check out this page (there’s also a link to that page up there under the banner) and follow the instructions to submit a recipe!


Nance’s Take:
Peach Cobbler

The reason this entry is late is because I might have been too busy dressing Peace up in toddler-sized clothing.


Or maybe it was because I was too busy taking “selfies” on my way to the grocery store since it was the first time I was out of the house all week…I may have been giddy. Please note: Husband is so serious over there that you would think I was out with my cranky Grandpa. Damn, Rick.

Nah, I was late because apparently I love to pile-on and find myself completely surprised when I can’t accomplish my unrealistic daily goals. And who in the hell has daily goals? Who am I anymore? Shut-up, Nance.

Fun fact: I’m slightly allergic to peaches and can usually rate their freshness by how much they make my tongue and throat itch. I suppose a normal person would avoid them, but I can’t imagine a world without peaches. To me, they are the perfect fruit. Which is why I was all about making this particular dish…as soon as my mother skinned those fuckers. If I were to touch one I would become a giant hive. Yes, Nance has to have her mommy cut up her peaches. SHUT THE HELL UP.

Peach Cobbler

I wonder if the first person to eat a peach broke his tooth on the pit? Could happen.  I also wonder why I automatically assumed it would be a guy.  Maybe a chick tried the first peach.  Maybe a chick tried the first peach and broke her tooth!

Peach Cobbler

An entire stick of butter. Hmm. This cobbler just got a little bit more interesting.

Peach Cobbler

Action shot of entirely too much sugar.

Peach Cobbler

No lie – I had my face all up in this shit because hello, fresh peaches!

Peach Cobbler

The cobbler part of the cobbler?

Peach Cobbler

This part makes me nervous. It just doesn’t feel right to not stir things up. And that big ol’ pool of melted butter at the top right? I was fretting about the hot mess that could possibly make.

Peach Cobbler

Throw your peaches on top and pray that nothing boils over.

Peach Cobbler

This is what it looked like when it came out of the oven. OHHELLYEAH. Peaches, sugar, butter…we already knew it was going to be good.

Peach Cobbler

Shirley was going to the grocery store and asked me if I needed anything. I said that I needed a half gallon of vanilla ice cream. She came home with this.

Old people.

Peach Cobbler

So I fired off an email and told Rick to pick me up vanilla ice cream because Shirley is insane. I also asked him to pick up ribs and hot dogs for Labor Day. When Rick came home, NO LIE, he proceeded to stand in our very narrow kitchen where my mother was and announce every single one of his purchases. “I got the ribs and the hot dogs…”

Fucking kill me. Just kill me.

As soon as he announced that he picked up vanilla ice cream I knew I was fucked. “Goddammit, Nance!”

See, there some people in this house (Shirley) that think I’m too particular. I say that I’m not and it’s just that I want what I want. If I wanted a gallon of VALU-TIME strawberry/chocolate/vanilla ice milk product I would have told her to pick that up, right? Of course I’m right. No way in hell did that bucket o’ “light” whateverthefuck resemble anything like the half gallon of vanilla ice cream that I wanted. She’s nuts. And now I have that bucket taking up precious freezer space! And my husband! Way to rat me the fuck out with his little grocery shopping declarations. GAWD.  The entire family is full of crazy.

She insists that she’ll eat it. Damn right you will, Shirley. EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.UNTIL.IT’S.GONE.

Peach Cobbler

So yeah. It was good. And I can see me making this again. But only once a year when peaches come in season.

Peach Cobbler

Sadie likes ice cream.  REAL ice cream.

Easy Peach Cobbler - Nance and Robyn make the same recipe
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
: Dessert. Or snack. Breakfast? We're not judging you!
Cuisine: Canadian
Serves: 6
  • ½ c. unsalted butter
  • 1 c. all-purpose flour
  • 2 c. sugar, divided
  • 1 T. baking powder
  • Pinch of salt
  • 1 c. milk
  • 4 c. fresh peach slices
  • 1 T. lemon juice
  • Ground cinnamon or nutmeg (optional)
  1. Melt butter in a 13- x 9-inch baking dish in the oven or microwave.
  2. Combine flour, 1 cup sugar, baking powder, and salt. Add milk, stirring ingredients together just until moist. Pour batter over melted butter (do not stir).
  3. Bring remaining 1 cup sugar, peach slices, and lemon juice to a boil over high heat, stirring constantly. Once it's boiling, remove from heat and pour over batter (do not stir). Sprinkle with cinnamon or nutmeg, if desired.
  4. Bake at 375° for 40 to 45 minutes or until golden brown. Serve cobbler warm or cool.



Easy Peach Cobbler – Nance and Robyn make the same recipe — 76 Comments

  1. Rick’s face in Nance’s selfie? My face upon learning there were peaches involved in this week’s recipe. My mother packed those nasty single serve cans of diced peaches in syrup in my school lunch every stinking day for YEARS. She insisted that since she craved peaches while pregnant with me, that must automatically mean that I loved them. Barf. I’m not certain if my children have ever tasted peaches. I’m okay with that.

    Switching peaches to fresh Michigan apples or cherries? I’m all over that. 🙂

    Five stars for Peace’s new wardrobe.

    • I cannot imagine someone hating peaches. But you’re right about apples or cherries. Cherries sounds fabulous!

      Peace’s wardrobe – I keep repeating this, but I just want everyone to know that we’re NOT dressing her up for fun. Vet suggested it to aid with healing. 🙂

      • Robyn- Nance is having a ball dressing up Peace. Peace is the daughter she never had so I’m sure she is working on matching outfits for them right now! Hee!

      • Tawnya, you’re twisted for even thinking that *I* would even consider a matching outfit with anyone. I’m an original, darling. Ooooriginal. lol

        And she has seriously started walking to the door as soon as I put her “panties” on because she knows that we have to take them off for her to go to the bathroom. That damn dog is a wily one.

      • I’m even weirder. I love freestone peaches, but I hate clingstone peaches. Clingstones trigger my OCD something awful and I hate eating around the pit and not getting ALL of the peachy bits.

        As for doggy clothes, my friend’s mutt is a rescue who has a history of being abused and she swears that her dog is actually more confident and friendly when he’s dressed up. Clothes as doggy therapy…what will they come up with next?

      • Truth game: I had no idea there is a difference in peaches. Now I’m going to have to google. Sigh.

        The clothes are because her skin is infected and it keeps her away from it so it can heal.

  2. God, that looks good! Five stars for the recipe, five for the photos, ten for the double inspectors, and five each for Peace (what a sport) and Sadie (so right about the ice cream). I am, however, subtracting one for the country of origin. This week, it should surely be a state of origin: Georgia. (Alternately, rock group of origin: the Allman Brothers.)

      • I’m with Nance. Wonder if the hatahs feel the same way about plums and nectarines. If so, it’s time to send them off to reeducation camp. Apples are awesome, too, of course — as is, ahem, Nance, RHUBARB!!!! Fifty stars for that gift from the heavens. Also, reeducation-wise, I vote for unsweetened whipped cream or, if you can get or make it, clotted cream with this and all desserts.

      • You lost me on the plums and nectarines, Kerry. I can’t stand those. Hee! And Rhubarb, there are no words to describe how bad that crap is.

        And now I’m off to go find info on clotted cream because Rick, for a time, lived in England and he has a thing for scones and clotted cream.

      • Your ambivalence concerning stone fruits is deeply troubling, Nance, and your attitude to rhubarb downright disturbing. But I will delay your voyage to reeducation camp until you report back on clotted cream. After that, I’m afraid…

      • I am with Rick, I LOVE scones and clotted cream. We have been to England twice, and I am not ashamed to say I ate a scone with clotted cream every single day of our trips! I love the scones there-not like the crappy ones we have where I live, where they are super dry and covered with huge granules of sugar. Anyway, I approve of clotted cream on anything, and wish it were easier to get.

        Back to the recipe, it looks delicious. My husband loves peaches and I think I will try this tomorrow. FIVE STARS!

      • Kerry, I’ve never had clotted cream, and after reading the Wikipedia page about it, I have to ask – what’s the difference between clotted cream and butter? Taste-wise, I mean.

      • Kerry might be able to describe this better than I, but to me clotted cream is sweeter (but not too sweet)and richer than butter. A warm scone, clotted cream and some jam-heavenly!

      • Hmm. I think of it as heavier, yummier cream. I don’t associate it with butter at all, though perhaps I should. (I’m sure they’d have a lot to talk about.)

      • I would think that plums are satisfying to throw at things. Like, they have a little burst or something. To be honest, I haven’t had a plum since I was a kid. I should probably try one to see if I still have the hate.

      • I’m not usually a fan of cooked peaches (probably because of the canend peaches they served in school lunches), but I’m slowly changing my mind!

        Also, I have a favorite apple crisp recipe I need to pull out and make (and post!)

      • I am fascinated by all the canned-peach trauma that’s coming out today. Tinned fruits always struck me as perfectly harmless. I have been proved wrong — and so not for the first time!

      • Ohhh. Apple crisp. I lurve it.
        Back in the day Shirley would can peaches. There were nights that she would heat them up and we had hot peaches for dinner.


        My mother apparently was not so much with the cooking.

  3. Yum! I’ve made this before and it is delicious! With apples too! Yuck on the Neopolitan ice cream, though! I have hated it since I was little and it seemed like we got it at every birthday party we were invited to! Also, I can’t stop using exclamation points today!!! Wait – where are the stars? I was getting ready to give this 5 stars!

  4. My dad loved neapolitan ice cream, but I hated anything to do with strawberries, so I would beg my mom to just give me the vanilla/chocolate portion. Sometimes she would, sometimes she wouldn’t. 🙂

    • I seem to recall being forced to eat all the flavors. Barf. I like strawberry and chocolate, I just don’t like it mixed in like that. I don’t even know why they still sell it that way.

      • they still sell it like that (and in that huge “valu” bucket!) because every mother who hosts a birthday party buys it because god knows I’m not going to spend money on different flavors of ice cream for the little rugrats and by god, eat whatever you like on your plate and throw the rest away but don’t you dare be asking for only vanilla or only chocolate when I’ve got 20 of you running around my feet on a sugar high!


    • My grandpa always called it “spumoni”, which is neopolitan with other crap added (fruit and nuts, I believe). I’m thinking my grandma was a little tight with the budget and just bought the value neopolitan. We grandkids just split the flavors among us so we ended up getting what we wanted. I always hated when the strawberry touched my chocolate.

      For the record, I don’t hate strawberries. I just don’t care for it as an ice cream flavor. It’s peaches that come from the devil. Rhubarb is preferable to peaches.

  5. That looks good, and I love peaches!!! If you’re going to eat ice cream, eat ice cream. Ditto cheesecake, and anything else that’s delicious. Otherwise, eat carrots, or celery. Don’t fuck with the good stuff is all I’m saying. Cutest photo of Sadie I’ve seen all day 🙂

  6. I would like to state for the record that Neopolitan ice cream is not vanilla ice cream and I would never eat it with this. Neopolitan has chocolate ice cream in it and you can’t have chocolate ice cream with a fruit cobbler, pie, buckle, brown betty, crisp, crumble or any other fucking fruit thing.

    Also I hate cooked peaches. They are the grossness.

  7. “Full of fresh picked profanity”? Win! I miss “Doing it wrong so you don’t have to” though.

    I spent 10 minutes puzzling why this post was tagged Tori Spelling. Clever, clever. Would have been more clever if the recipe was Californian or Beverly Hillsian instead of Canadian, though.

    One star for each minute I spent figuring that out. **********

    • FINALLY – I couldn’t believe nobody said anything and now my clever wit has been acknowledged. Life is good for me!

      And Robyn did the recipe – and had no idea I was going to put Beverly Hills 90210 references in the tags, so we have to cut her a break. She’s just not that clever. Bwahahaha.

    • On “Doing it wrong so you don’t have to”…

      When I had more than one person ask me about if the site was all about us screwing up recipes (thanks to people who are so freaking literal, hee) it gave me pause. We’re trying out recipes and reviewing them. We’re not intentionally trying to do them wrong and we do have a lot of recipes that came out really good. So, tag-line was revamped by the fabulous Robyn. And I absolutely LOVE this one because it’s absolutely true. lol

  8. Woo Hoo my cobbler recipe made it. We tried this for the first time this year when the fruit truck came up from Georgia to Indy. It is very glamorous. We stand in the bowling alley parking lot and buy boxes of fruit out of the back of a semi. Deeeeelicious.
    I used the melt the butter in the pan while the oven heats up trick too. I made this about 4 times this summer and each time it turned out great. I forgot the cinnamon one time so I sprinkeled cinnamon sugar on top after it came out of the oven. Super good as well. Dave called watching this cook “Kitchen Porn”.

  9. Oh man, Nance, I am also slightly allergic to peaches. The worst part is that I seem to be more than slightly allergic to ONE TYPE of peaches grown here in NH. And I never remember which variety from year to year. So I go to the local orchard, eat some peaches, all is well. I go back a week later, eat some peaches and my face swells up and itches like a mofo, then I return and they have another variety (8 different varieties are grown in NH alone) and all is well again. And do I think to write down the itchy kind? Of course not. That would be smart. Heh. This is our fourth year here and it has happened each and every time.

    • Betsy, Betsy, Betsy, between you and the group traumatized by canned peaches foisted upon them when they were young, Nance and Robyn might need to add an on-call analyst to their giant list of employees. As it is, Nance already needs to discuss her lamentable attitude to rhubarb and her need to dress up her dog in girly gear.

    • You do know that Sadie’s morbidly obese, right? Trust me, that look got her a lot of food and now she’s paying for it. Two cups, twice a day. Once in a while I slip her some pizza, but no ice cream for her. 🙁

  10. Robyn. Robyn. ROBYN.
    Your oven is inhabited by tiny ghost kittens. One of them is radioactive. Possibly the Kitteh Hulk.
    Check your crockpot.

  11. Jeepers, I always thought that peaches were a somewhat agreeable fruit. I am not a huge fan, but my husband loves them-but I never knew how many people were allergic.

    DCEP-educating us every single day!

    • DCEP does indeed provide some serious education. In one entry we have food allergies, clotted cream, the differences in ice cream, the many types of peaches…

      We’re like our own university! We need sweatshirts with our name on them! 🙂

  12. I’m in for a nightshirt. Also, Nance, Sadie doesn’t look morbidly obese in that photo; have you perfected the most slimming angle?

  13. My 6-year-old daughter HAD to have peaches from Sam’s. Wanna take a guess where they ended up??? I made this peach cobbler and wanted to say it’s one of the best cobbler recipes that I’ve found! It did freak me out just a little bit to not “mix” anything together. It was great…and I even forgot to peel the peaches! 🙂

      • Hell if I know how I forgot! 🙂 I think putting an entire stick of butter in the pan just threw me off from the get-go…got me anxious to start eating!!! Anyway, it gave it some texture for sure, but next time I’ll try and remain calm…and peel the damn peaches!! I think PEELED apples would be good in this too. 😉

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