Black Bean Brownies (I shit you not)

I fell down a rabbit hole while surfing the Internet a while back and came upon a recipe for protein infused brownies.  It was interesting to me because I’m definitely not getting enough protein in my daily diet.  I have tried a multitude of protein bars and all I can say is…BARF.  I have not found a single one that I like and I’m certainly not dedicated to mixing up my own protein shakes or even buying the damn things pre-made.  I love me some brownies and I love black beans so I figured it was a win-win situation.  Plus, you only need two ingredients (and some water).  TWO!  I’m all about that because I hate pulling a bunch of stuff out of my cupboard and then putting it all away again (lazy much?).  Unfortunately, I did not bookmark the page so I can’t acknowledge it here.  I googled every which way I could and still could not find the site, but I did find a lot of people who make these brownies and damn, where was I when this was all happening?  I’m sorry to the girl who was so into beauty, make-up and living life in New York.  If you come across this page, e-mail me and I will most definitely give you proper credit!  


One package of brownie mix (any brand – I obviously used the cheap one, but that’s only because we really, really like this brand of brownie for some reason. And trust me, my fat ass has tried them ALL). One can of black beans.


Drain and rinse your black beans with water (action shot – W0oT!)

Put the beans back in the can. Then with the beans still in the can, fill it up with cold water.


Dump it all into the blender and blend the hell out of it.


It kind of reminds me of a thick milkshake.


Pour it into a bowl with the dry brownie mix (do NOT add any other ingredients – just dry brownie mix and the liquefied beans)


Mix it up really well.

Pour into an 8×8 baking dish. Bake according to the directions on the brownie mix package. You may need to bake them a little longer. Just check them to make sure they’re baked completely.

I think they’re fabulous. Trey thought they were great. Rick didn’t like them. My mom didn’t care for them. So we’re a family divided which just means more for me!


Black Bean Brownies (I shit you not) — 7 Comments

  1. This is one of those recipes that always comes up in Weight Watchers meetings, along with cake made from a box mix and a can of diet soda (nothing else). I’m too chicken to try either! Do the beans leave a taste in the brownies?

    • I looked at it as something good for protein. But I never considered it as something good for weight loss because the only thing taken away from the “brownies” are egg and a 1/4 c. of vegetable oil. Isn’t there like a shit-ton of sugar in brownie and cake mixes and doesn’t sugar turn to fat? Gah, this is why I never could figure out how to eat right!

      And also, when I went to Weight Watchers I loved those groovy little recipe ideas they came up with. One was some kind of whip cream, graham cracker concoction that you froze and it was so freaking good (but I ate like ALL OF THEM IN ONE DAY so there went the whole weight loss thing).

      There was minimal bean taste in my brownies, but I suppose that depends on the brand of mix, your taste buds, etc. I will tell you that Rick said he could taste the beans. But I thought maybe next time I make them I will try adding a bit of cocoa powder and Splenda to maybe make it brownier. Is so a word!

  2. I actually tried making black bean brownies a few months ago, and they had a weird consistency (Fred thought so, too). That recipe was more of a pain in the ass than this one, I may have to give it another try!

    • Why didn’t you tell me about these? I thought the consistency was weird too – but I’ve made normal brownies that had a similar consistency – like if they were a fudgey type recipe, etc., so it didn’t really bother me. In fact, they kinda reminded me of a piece of fudge now that I think of it! 🙂

      • Oh, I didn’t think to tell you about them because they were kind of a flop for us. Yours look fudgey and tasty, I wonder if this kind might be tastier than the ones I made.

        Now that I think about it, I have a low-cal type brownie recipe (that isn’t nearly as easy as this one, but still fairly simple) that I got off Jenna Fisher’s MySpace (MySpace! You know it had to be a long time ago!). I might have to make them so we can have dueling brownies. 🙂

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