Baked Cheese Sticks – Nance & Robyn make the same recipe

Every week we’ll post a recipe that we both made. This week’s recipe was Baked Cheese Sticks, found over at Mmm…Cafe. Printable recipe can be found at the bottom of this post.

Robyn’s Take:

This week’s recipe was my choice, and I have to confess that it’s been sitting in my pile o’ recipes (I see recipes I think I might like to try, and I print them out and keep them in a stack and that stack is about 300 feet high at this time), and I thought it was something Nance might want to try. Also, who doesn’t like cheese sticks? But not only are these cheese sticks, they’re BAKED cheese sticks, which I am pretty sure means eating one is like eating a salad AND a bowl of fruit, nutrition-wise.

The ingredients:

BakedCheeseSticks (1)

Won ton wrappers, cheese sticks, olive oil (I’m using my olive oil mister), salt.

Place three won ton wrappers diagonally on top of each other (see pic below), and place your cheese stick in the middle.

BakedCheeseSticks (2)

Moisten all edges with water:

BakedCheeseSticks (3)

Fold the end wrapper over the end of the cheese stick, and then alternate folding sides over the cheese, like such:

BakedCheeseSticks (4)

BakedCheeseSticks (5)

BakedCheeseSticks (6)
(Hmm. Not exactly alternating, am I?)

Then fold the end and the last two sides over:

BakedCheeseSticks (7)

Place each one on a baking sheet (no comments about how stained my cookie sheet is. It’s CLEANED, it’s just STAINED and you just shaddup.) They look like little cheese mummies laying there.

BakedCheeseSticks (8)

The directions call for brushing the tops with olive oil; I used my mister. Then sprinkled with salt.

BakedCheeseSticks (10)

Bake for 15 minutes, then turn and bake another 5. Well, THAT’s easy enough, right? Bake little cheese sticks, bake.

BakedCheeseSticks (11)

Well, fuck. It appears that the cheese has melted out of all the FUCKING won ton wrappers. But undeterred, I turned the damn things over and gave them another five minutes.

BakedCheeseSticks (12)

BakedCheeseSticks (13)

Yep. Those look super yummy, don’t they?

Serve with marinara sauce!

BakedCheeseSticks (14)

Miz Poo was not impressed.

BakedCheeseSticks (15)

I ate part of one and didn’t care for it – it was chewy and there was less cheese in it than I would have liked SINCE THE CHEESE HAD MELTED OUT ALL OVER THE BAKING SHEET. Fred was no fan, either. Where’d I mess up? I don’t know – maybe I didn’t use enough water, and maybe the won ton wrappers didn’t seal like they should have. Maybe I’m an idiot. Who knows? What I do know is that it was a big fat FAIL, and hopefully Nance had better luck with it than I did!

Nance’s take:

When Robyn sent me this recipe you should have already known that my fat ass was going to agree to it. Baked cheese sticks. Cheese sticks that could maybe be healthy and I could justify eating the shit outta them? I’m in! And then I read the fucking ingredient list. Fucking wontons. The hell? I don’t like wontons. I just don’t. That’s not true. I like them when a restaurant cooks them and they’re being used for what they’re supposed to be used for (like wonton soup). But I have never liked anything that I made with them. One day I will regal you with my tale of woe concerning wontons and the making of lasagna cups. That story will go down in history as the biggest waste of good food and money that has ever happened in my lifetime. You should never mess around with the wontons, man. Trust me.


I have to admit that there have been a few (very few, ahem) times that I have been wrong before so I went into this with a semi-open mind. But for the record I would like you to note that there is no wording on that package that says they would be great for cheese sticks. Just saying!


This, my friends, is called optimism. I had faith in this recipe because I assumed Robyn had half a clue about what she was doing when she sent it my way. I had big plans with this platter and condiment cups. BIG PLANS.


I laid out the stupid wontons and did what the recipe said to do. Well.  Honesty would dictate that I really went and tracked down the recipe web site to see if I could get some visual clues because I got tired of reading and re-reading the directions to figure out the proper way to wrap those bitches.


The red bowl in the back may or may not be the bowl that I fill up with water every morning because Maddy the Cat requires me to do it BEFORE I pour my own coffee. Yeah, come on over to my house! We have Cats!  Whee!


No idea what the fuck I was doing.


I was a little heavy handed with the olive oil, but only because I was having flashbacks from my wonton lasagna cups.


Lame attempt at artistic photography where you can see that I am very good at salting aluminum foil. Be jealous of my mad skills.


Oh, look! It’s way more optimism! Yellow mustard (my personal favorite), brown mustard (second favorite) and marinara in the middle (no reason for it ever, but I was trying to be nice to the husband).


Get a load of this shit.

The husband was in hog heaven because cheese that has spilled over (out?) and turned brown is what he considers fine dining. He happily peeled his cheese from the foil and went to town on it.

My mom (tube-top at high alert) refused to try it as it contained string cheese and according to Shirley (direct quote), “That’s the shit that will choke you!”

The kid and I attempted to gnaw on our empty, oiled up and baked wontons that had no cheese inside. Have you ever chewed on a tire? What? You wouldn’t want to chew on an automobile wheel? Well, I suppose we have our answer then.

This recipe will be buried right beside the wonton lasagna recipe.  May it rest in peace.

Baked Cheese Sticks - Nance & Robyn make the same recipe
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
: appetizer, snack
Serves: 10
  • 10 cheese sticks
  • 30 won ton wrappers
  • Olive oil
  • Salt
  1. Stagger 3 won ton wrappers diagonally on top of one another.
  2. Place a piece of string cheese in the middle of the wrappers.
  3. Moisten all edges with water.
  4. Fold end corner of wrapper over cheese. Alternate folding sides toward center over cheese. Finish by folding the far end of the wrapper over cheese, and fold sides over top.
  5. Brush tops with olive oil and sprinkle with salt. Repeat with remaining wrappers and cheese.
  6. Bake at 400 degrees for 15 minutes. Turn cheese sticks over and bake for an additional 5 minutes.
  7. Serve with marinara sauce.



Baked Cheese Sticks – Nance & Robyn make the same recipe — 42 Comments

    • Cheese is also my life (unfortunately for my old lady guts) so I’m right there with you on having the sads. Maybe we’ll find a miracle recipe (that won’t include wontons) one day and all will be right with our world. 🙂

  1. Is it wrong that I am happy it didn’t turn out? It’s just that in my former life (when I could eat gluten products), I loved cheese sticks and so I was jealous that again here would be a recipe I couldn’t try. So now I can just happily stick to eating my cheese as God made it. PS – this is the first I ever heard that string cheese will choke you. I will be more careful with my chewing in the future.

    • I’m going back to microwaving my string cheese for a few seconds to make it melty. That’s what I get for trying to get all fancy with my cheese. 🙂

      I had also never heard that string cheese will choke you! Heh.

      • What are you, 11? Who in the hell microwaves string cheese to make it all melty on purpose (especially if there is no coating, yuck)?

        You kill me.

      • You’re right – I never once read any advice from a bunch of crazy, drama food queens who suggest you microwave perfectly good string cheese so it’s all melty. What is the purpose for them telling WLS people to do it? A way of getting protein? Just shove the thing in your piehole and call it a day, man! 🙂

    • Suzy, my mother (crazy tube-top wearing Shirley) said string cheese will choke you – SHE IS BONKERS! I mean, anything will choke you if you think about it, but string cheese is getting a bad rap just because Shirley is certifiable. I think you might be okay (notice I didn’t say you “would” be because I’m not dealing with lawsuits, hee). You just have to consider the source. And also, I don’t think Shirley ever ate string cheese in her LIFE. BATSHIT.

  2. I’m not sure it’d make them taste any better, but you might have better luck with the leaking cheese if you also moisten the wantons when you layer them before putting the cheese in them. I think the wantons would still be rubbery, though, so I’m not sure it’s worth a try!

    • I moistened all my ends (so much that I thought it was going to melt away). I don’t know what happened, but I do know I’m never trying it again. I will, however, be happy to try breading cheese sticks (as God intended, hee) and put the recipe up here if it turns out. 🙂

  3. I’m wondering if puff pastery would have been better than wonton… I’m with Nance’s husband on the cheese that spilled out being all sorts of yummy.

    • Yeah, we ate the melted stuff and tossed the wonton-wrapped cheese in the pig bucket.

      I bet that just about anything would be better with puff pastry!

    • I’m with Nance’s husband on that too. And the cream of chicken soup as just soup. We are both libras and obviously libra often equals over indulgent in the food realm. One astrology book I have said there are two kinds of libras the diet obsessed or the food obsessed. I know I am the latter. OINK.

    • Once in a while I like to pull the cheese off of the foil when it occasionally leaks out of something (lasagna???), but Rick could make a meal out of it. We fight over the browner cheese sometimes (and OH, the browner fried potatoes, YUM).

      And now I made myself hungry for fried potatoes. Thanks. Dammit.

      • Warmed string cheese sounds good to me. I’m not a cottage cheese person but I ate it on Weight Watchers years ago but inventing a “diet calzone” with a pita, cottage cheese and diet mozarella plus tomato sauce. Wasn’t great but I was missing the hell out of the real thing!

    • Sara! You do know that if you agree with Shirley I will NEVER hear the end of it, don’t you? Stop that shit right now or I’m gonna moderate this comment section.

      NEVER give my mother THE POWER – next thing you know we’ll all be sitting around wearing tube-tops!

  4. Egg roll wrappers might work better. We have made (hush, y’all) fried cheese in egg roll wrappers when we had one or two wrappers left when making homemade egg rolls and holy hell so good. That was frying though, because, mmm, frying. (note, I haven’t touched my fryer in months, trying to behave.)

    • I have a deep fryer that I haven’t got out in over a year – and Rick doesn’t know it yet, but I have no intention of ever using it again.

      Please note: This is not to say that we’re done with fried foods, it’s just saying that I won’t use the deep fryer. 😛

  5. CHEESE!!!!!!!!!! How can a recipe that spotlights cheese be wrong? (Well, I do have a child that thinks cheese comes from the devil. I suppose HE thinks every cheese recipe is wrong, but we refer to him as “weird” so his opinion doesn’t count.)

    I am disappointed this didn’t work out, as I have this recipe pinned on Pinterest and had every intention of actually getting around to make it sometime in the next decade or so. Perhaps I’ll edit the pin to redirect here instead. 😉

    I appreciate Miz Poo always being willing to give the recipes a try. She’s a good sport (and apparently quite talented in the kitchen)

    • Kelly, I have a kid who doesn’t like butter and garlic. I KNOW they switched him at the hospital!

      Miz Poo is the best! In fact, I should send Maddy back down to Alabama and have Miz Poo shipped up here!

  6. I’d forget the wonton wrappers and just bake the naked cheese until crispy. But, then, I’d probably use cheddar cheese instead of those fake string cheese sticks.

  7. That’s so funny that y’all did this one this week. I just watched my “Next Food Network Star” from Sunday night and one of those guys tried to deep fry cheese with wonton wrappers and it ended up a TOTAL mess like these. He ended up breading them (over the wrappers) and deep frying them and that worked better.

    But yeh – I can’t imagine that baking wonton wrappers would EVER be good. they’re not made for that – bleh! Might as well chew on a rubber band!

    Robyn – you should NOT have thrown away the rest of the wontons though! You could have used them for one of my FAVORITE appetizers – sausage wonton cups! Mix 1 pound of sausage, 1 cup of sharp cheddar cheese, 1 cup of Monterrey Jack cheese, & one cup of ranch dressing. Put the wontons in a mini muffin pan, spoon some of the sausage mix in there and bake at 350 about 10 – 15 minutes till bubbly. You can add other stuff to the mix also if you like – olives, jalapenos, mushrooms, whatever. I can do some damage to those babies!

  8. I’ll bet it would have worked if you had frozen the cheese sticks first. I’m sure thats what they do at the Texas State Fair – where they deep-fry everything: Ice Cream, twinkies, Cheese Cake, etc……

      • That is why I will have to go to the San Diego Fair this time ~ to get me some fried Twinkies! 😉

        Oh, and Robyn, I am in love with Russett! I had to show my husband his pictures (a first!), telling him how I want that baby kitty!

  9. I hate to admit it but this is my favorite entry so far here because it’s so hilarious! I’m so sorry the recipe didn’t work out, but damn I busted out laughing a few times which I needed today. I just know that frustration when a recipe bombs and you both described your annoyance so well!

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