About us


Nance lives in the Pittsburgh area of Pennsylvania with her husband Rick, her mother Shirley, and her son Trey (her other son Alex occasionally visits but has his own place), two cats, and three dogs. She works at home, and when she’s not working or whipping up a fabulous sewing project, she likes to scour the internet for the latest gossip (she should have been a private eye, because Google is her bitch). Her favorite food is Hershey’s chocolate, because she grew up in Pennsylvania; it was that or Heinz ketchup.


Robyn lives in an old house on a farm in North Alabama with her husband Fred, too many cats, one big white fluffy dogs, and about a million and thirty chickens. She fosters kittens for a local no-kill cat shelter, and when she’s not compulsively vacuuming up cat hair or scooping the litter boxes, she likes to scour the internet for new and interesting dinner ideas. Her favorite food is cake, especially if someone else bakes it.

Knucklehead Convention

Nance and Robyn met online. And then they met face-to-face.  The rest is Friendship Hell history.  Nance knows that Robyn isn’t as nice as she lets on and Robyn knows that Nance is a goddamn softie.  They both know that they’ll help each other bury the bodies and that fact alone is a very good thing.