Dinosaurs Can’t Eat Pizza 

Full of fresh picked profanity

“Dinosaurs can’t eat pizza.” This astute proclamation came from Robyn while she and Nance were sitting in a pizza shop one day. She followed this statement with a live rendition of a T-rex trying to eat a slice of pizza.

That’s when it was decided that Dinosaurs Can’t Eat Pizza would be a great domain name… for something. After much discussion and pondering (and pizza), the obvious answer presented itself: the internet doesn’t have any cooking blogs, right?

Okay, there are a million and thirty-three cooking blogs out there and the internet needs another one like it needs more porn, but how many cooking blogs utilize swearing in creative and attractive ways? Not enough, is the answer.

*Fabulous pizza grabbing dinosaur by SaraBeth

“This is my favorite cooking blog, because y’all hate what you make a good percentage of the time, and I like that. Well, that and I’ve been following you two on the internet since the days of coal-burning web browsers.”


“This is not a recipe any more than “apply cheese to crackers,” or “stir frozen peas into your Kraft mac-n-cheese” would be.”


“Nance, your pork chops look better than Robyn’s. Robyn, your stuffing looks better than Nance’s. HOW DO YOU SCREW UP STOVE TOP STUFFING, NANCE?”


“Even if you all try a recipe I know I will never eat, I read all the way though just for your commentary. Nothing says Happy Monday like a few F bombs before I actually get dressed.”


“This just in: Amanda invented Italy!”


“I hate to admit it but this is my favorite entry so far here because it’s so hilarious! I’m so sorry the recipe didn’t work out, but damn I busted out laughing a few times which I needed today. I just know that frustration when a recipe bombs and you both described your annoyance so well!”